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Orion 5379 Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount and Tripod

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If you would like for top recommended a Binoculars Orion, then Orion 5379 Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount and Tripod is our suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of this product. And also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet. If you wish to know further of this products, just read its main features below. ( Check Price Now )

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  • Sturdy and stable astronomy binocular mount makes binocular viewing sessions comfortable by eliminating arm strain and shakiness
  • Mount allows you to raise and lower the attached pair of binoculars while staying fixed on a target, a wonderful feature when two or more people of varying height are observing together The Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount and Tripod supports binoculars with a weight of up to 5 pounds.
  • Features sliding counterweight for balance, L-adapter for binocular attachment, and a pinch-free design to save your fingers!
  • Included Orion Paragon XHD tripod features leg-locks and graduated marks for easy and repeatable setup in the field
  • Amazing range! Maximum mounted binocular height is 7′ 7″, minimum height is 2′ 7″. Weighs 19.8 lbs assembled

Stargazing with binoculars is an idyllic pleasure. All the more so with our Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount. It’s a parallelogram-style mount that comes complete with our sturdiest professional field tripod, the rock-solid Paragon-Plus XHD (less pan head), for one very attractive price. The mount’s silky smooth motion provides relaxing views for hours on end with binoculars as large as 80mm in aperture. It eliminates arm strain and shakiness, and allows you to aim your binocular high overhead, even to the zenith, while you stand or sit comfortably underneath. Ahhh! No more arm and shoulder strain from holding up those big binoculars for extended views! What’s more, you can raise and lower the attached binocular while staying fixed on a target, a wonderful feature when two or more people of varying height are observing together. This Bino Mount provides a great way for the whole family to enjoy stable views through a great pair of astronomical binoculars. Solidly constructed of aluminum, the mount features a sliding counterweight for perfect balance and an L-adapter for attaching virtually any tripod adaptable binoculars. The maximum binocular height is 7-feet 7-inches, and the minimum height is 2-feet 7-inches. The tripod and binocular mount each come fully assembled. The XHD tripod features leg locks and graduated leg markings for quick , easy, and conveniently repeatable setup in the field. One-year limited warranty.

Title: Orion 5379 Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount and Tripod
Category: Binoculars
Brand: Orion

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